This is a comprehensive guide for the SatNode (SND) platform and ecosystem. This documentation serves as the authoritative source for detailed information on interacting with and understanding the SatNode project. It is structured into two sections:

  1. SatNode Analysis: This section provides a general introduction to the SatNode platform, tailored for those seeking a broad understanding without the need for developer-specific technical details.

  2. Dev & User Resources: Aimed at any developers looking to build upon SatNode's mobile-first infrastructure or operate validator nodes, this segment offers in-depth technical documentation and guidelines. You can also find practical, consumer-oriented tutorials for all users wishing to navigate the SatNode ecosystem effectively.

Hello everyone! This is currently version 2 of the docs. Join our Telegram for any technical questions you may have. These documents are still under construction as of this update.(02/11/2024)

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