Although the current transaction volume is well managed without reaching capacity, assessing potential future constraints is the only correct way forward. Ongoing research is dedicated to elevating SatNode's scalability without compromising its core vision of decentralization and security.

A specific focus lies in the exploration of optimistic rollups as a viable solution.

We are actively investigating technologies like Arbitrum and Optimism, with plans to share developments and strategic insights with the community in the near future.

In addition, we are also delving into Slutter Layer 2 payments (SL2P) and harnessing zero-knowledge (ZK) rollup technology. This approach processes transactions primarily on a ZK-powered second layer, consolidating them into a single ZK proof on the main blockchain at intervals.

Positioned as an SDK, SL2P aims to simplify the integration of ZK rollups into mobile crypto wallet applications. With SatNode's strong emphasis on mobile usability, incorporating SL2P into SatNode wallet technology is anticipated to substantially enhance the network's transaction capabilities.

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